Tournament Registration and Schedule

Newfoundland & Labrador Curling Association
Tournament Registration

IMPORTANT NEWS: The NLCA provincial tournament registration is now online!  As with many other Member Associations, we are now using the Curling I/O system for all provincial tournaments.  Curlers can register for events using the link to their competition below.

Before registering your team for a provincial tournament, please read the following:

  • Registration for each event is team-based, but anyone on the team can register on behalf of the team.  Be sure to designate only one person for this task!
  • Once you have logged in and registered for a tournament, the registrant will receive an email confirmation.  This email will contain a link for all curlers on the team to register their individual curler profiles for the event and fill out the NLCA waiver if prompted.
      • You need to forward this email to all of your teammates so they can be listed in the team rosters online!
      • If you are one of the curlers on the team, don’t forget to click the link as well!
      • Completion of the waiver is MANDATORY to participate in any tournament, but only needs to be filled out once per season per competitor, not per competition.
  • All players on the team will be asked to sign in using their Curling I/O curler profile in order to complete the above event registration.
      • If you are curling at one of our affiliated clubs that uses Curling I/O for their registration, you can use the same profile without creating a new one.  However, you will still need to complete the NLCA’s waiver as it will differ slightly from the waiver your club has in place.
      • If your club doesn’t use Curling I/O for their registration and you haven’t created a profile for past tournaments, you will be asked to create a new profile.  You can also follow this link to create a profile in advance: Curling I/O New User Login.
  • Paper registrations will NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED.  Only the online system will be used going forward.
  • If you have a fifth player (where permitted), you will need to select the additional Curling Canada and NLCA Competition Fees at the bottom of the team info page for them to be an eligible team member.

Should you have any questions at all regarding the new registration process, please email the NLCA Tournaments Coordinator.

Complete Schedule

Affiliation fees must be paid by December 1, 2021.

All competitive teams entering play downs must pay registration fees.  Fees below are per player per event.

Curling Canada competitor fee for club championship teams that do not advance to provincials will be refunded.

Event NLCA Competition Fee Curling Canada Competitor Fee Total Fee per Player
U21 Juniors $77.50 $25 $102.50
U18 Juniors $77.50 $25 $102.50
U16 Juniors $77.50 $77.50
Women’s $85 $25 $110
Men’s $85 $25 $110
Seniors $85 $25 $110
Mixed $85 $25 $110
Wheelchair $85 $25 $110
Club Championships $85 $10 (see above) $95
Mixed Doubles $85 $85
Masters $95 $95